I work as a Research Consultant at Apteligen Ltd.

I work across a range of projects with public sector and nonprofit organisations which involve sustainable learning and evaluation approaches, measurement design, and strategy, stakeholder and user research.

I have a specialist interest in the use of data and technology by nonprofit organisations, with a focus on establishing positive data cultures and practices, including the development of strategic frameworks, governance processes, and data literacy programmes.

Recent projects include:

  • Redesigning data collection frameworks for a national anti-poverty charity and developing a data glossary and internal data literacy programme
  • Supporting a partnership of small and medium charities with their individual and collective data journeys
  • Stakeholder and strategy research and briefing development (with a focus on ICSs) for a national psychotherapy charity

You can find my C.V. and contact details here. My Google Scholar page has a record of my academic work. Please do get in touch!

Other stuff I was involved in / have done:

My PhD thesis: Spatial data use in the UK nonprofit sector: a sociotechnical exploration

Written a chapter on Spatial approaches to the voluntary sector in the first voluntary sector methods textbook, Researching Voluntary Action (2022)

Reviewed Geoff Mulgan’s (2019) book Social Innovation: How Societies find the Power to Change for Voluntary Sector Review

Centre for London’s strategic review of giving in London

Dan Corry’s 2018 NPC Ignites keynote speech